I'm new to fostering

We know that becoming a foster carer isn’t a decision you’ll take lightly. It’s a big commitment and there are many things you’ll want to consider first. Our focus at Dorset Council is to make sure that you’ve got all the information you need to help you decide if becoming a foster carer is the right path for you.

We're interested in hearing from people from all walks of life. So as long as you’re...

  • Over 18
  • Interested in fostering
  • And have a spare bedroom

…we’d welcome your application to become a foster carer with us.

Every 20 minutes, a child comes into care in need of a foster family in the UK. 

By becoming a foster carer with Dorset Council, you’ll be giving a young person the chance to lead a safe and fulfilled life by offering them a stable place to call home. 

Find out more about becoming a foster carer with us.

I have my own children?
Yes! As a parent, you’ll have plenty of useful skills for becoming a foster carer. Your children will be an important part of the process and their wellbeing is our priority. 
I’ve never had children?
Of course! We provide all our newly approved carers with a training and support package to equip them with all the skills and knowledge they need to be great foster carers.  
I have a job?
Yes! As long as you have enough time to dedicate to fostering, including contact time, meetings, training and other responsibilities. 
I live in a rented home?
Yes! Plenty of our foster carers live in rented home. All we ask is that you can demonstrate stability in your home and have a spare room available. 
I’m retired?
Yes! There’s no upper age limit to fostering. You just need to be fit and healthy enough to take on the responsibility of looking after a child. 
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